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Winter Home Maintenance

Posted: November 22, 2017

You can feel it in the air. Temperatures have begun to drop and winter is clearly on the way. While preparing your wardrobe, pulling out the snowsuits and taking the snow shovels out of the basement, why not put a little extra attention into your home this season?

Maintenance is critical to your home, whether it’s 50 years old or brand new. Regular, preventative maintenance makes your home a safer place to live, increases the lifespan of common appliances and systems and ensures comfort inside, regardless of what’s happening outside.

Tasks to add to your checklist before winter sets in full-force include

Cleaning Up and Storing Outdoor Equipment

You probably won’t need your lawn mower for a few months. Likewise, your hose will probably not be of much use until spring planting rolls around. Take the time to stow away your mower and other equipment that is mobile, disconnect any outdoor hoses and turn any water valves leading outside to “off” to prevent frozen pipes.

If you have a sprinkler system, now is a great time to drain it and turn it off until it can be of more use.

Clean the Gutters.

No one likes to clean the gutters, but it’s an important task. Debris filled gutters can lead to leaks and other roof trouble that can be costly to repair. After the leaves have fallen, it’s best to remove them to make way for winter while ensuring proper drainage and runoff.

Pay Attention to Your Landscaping

Whether you have a green thumb or not, many plants require fall pruning. If you’re unsure, visit your local garden center or do a little online searching. Take the time to cut back any plants that will regrow in the spring and to prune trees and shrubbery to facilitate a beautiful landscape when spring rolls around.

Service Your Heating Service

No one wants to run out of heat – or face a major repair – in the dead of winter. Each year around this time it’s a good idea to call in a professional to inspect and service your system. This preventative maintenance could keep you warm all winter long.

Have a chimney? Be sure it’s cleaned prior to lighting your first fire of the year. Safety first!

Seal any Window Air Leaks

Does it feel cooler than it should inside? It might be because your windows are losing heat. Take the time to visually inspect all windows and doors for cracks. If a seal does need repaired, or you feel cool air entering from a given area, a professional may be able to provide a repair – providing a little comfort while lowering the cost associated with lost heat once winter is underway.

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, give your home the attention it deserves as well. Preventative maintenance is key!