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Staging your home for sale:

Posted: March 11, 2017

Home staging is a highly effective way to make your home sell faster and an experienced real estate agent can help. Here are a few staging tips:

First, use neutral colors and pride ample lighting. Take out any dark curtains and heavy drapes. Swap out your duvets and covers in the bedrooms with white or neutral items and add some colored throw pillows for contrast.

Second, remove everything that screams “you”. Potential buyers have to see themselves living in the home and if you can get them to picture themselves living there, an emotional connection with be made. Family photos and exercise equipment need to go!

Finally, make the master bedroom look like a modern oasis. Position the bed so that you can walk around it on both sides. If this isn’t possible, position it against the longest wall. Add a lamp to give the room a cozy feel. Tap into potential buyers’ desire for relaxation and make your home their number one pick.