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New Home Facts to Consider

Posted: October 12, 2017

When debating between a new and existing home, many potential buyers focus solely on purchase price

But, there’s more to the equation that’s worth considering. Check out the New Home Facts, provided by New Home Source’s Start Fresh Buy New campaign:

Energy Efficiency.

New homes are designed with the latest technology and newest tools, to be more energy efficient than ever before. In fact, the average new home uses 3449 kwh less than comparable existing homes. For reference’s sake, that’s enough to power a television for 11 years. Think about the possibilities!

Repair Costs.

Something that’s new requires less repair work than something that is older, or used. This is a standard fact of life. It’s also true of new homes. New homes have new appliances and less use overall, meaning the chance of repair is less than a home that has been lived in previously. This year alone, homeowners of existing homes have spent around $1.1 billion more than those of new homes.

Fewer Worries.

No one can guarantee that something will last forever. But, when purchasing a new home, you can be more worry free than purchasing an existing home. Many new homes come with a warranty that covers construction for up to ten years. Think about living worry free for up to a decade!

Safety Features.

Because of changes in technology, new homes can be built with extra security features, including pre-wired security systems, security lighting, newer, more stringent building code requirements and more. Is safety a priority for your family?

Modern Design Options.

Home design preferences change from one year to the next. When you build a home, you can be sure it includes the features that matter most to you. Popular designs of today feature open spaces, increased natural lighting, larger kitchens and extra closet space.

Are you ready to build your forever home? Instead of settling for something that doesn’t feature exactly what you need, consider building a new home.

To learn more about options, local neighborhoods or other information about the process, contact me today. I’d love to discuss the benefits and options for buying new.