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A smaller NEW home is an GREAT option:

Posted: May 27, 2017

Sure, you’d like to have that larger new home but the budget just doesn’t allow it. That’s OK! New homes come with HVAC systems, better insulation, new appliances, new roofs and warranties so the benefits of a new home far outweigh a used home. The ten-year-old home you buy today will be twenty years old in ten years. The new home you buy today will still, with proper maintenance, look new in ten years.

So opt for the smaller NEW home and make the spaces feel larger with these tips:

First, use creative storage solutions. Think about an ottoman with hidden storage features, an entertainment center with cabinets and shelves or a tall bookshelf.

Second, decorate the space "vertically". Rooms which are decorated horizontally with available floor space filled will make the room feel small. The goal should be to decorate the room while leaving ample space for foot traffic to move through the room comfortably.

Finally, use light colors to brighten the space and make the rooms feel more "airy".